Oleg Butman

Jazz Trio and the Big Symphony Orchestra

This grand and versatile project combines various music styles connecting classical music with bouncy jazz rhythms and brings over 50 musicians on one stage.

This is the first project on the Russian scene which has created and filled its own niche in the musical industry. A classical jazz trio, piano, double bass and drums with a classical Big Symphony Orchestra are blended together to create a new music direction in world music.

The program features Oleg Butman’s original compositions in orchestral arrangements written by the famous arranger Nikolay Levinovskiy.

Not only does the trio performs its masterful pieces, the orchestra has its own part in the concert. The program also includes symphonic jazz pieces with Natalia Smirnova-Butman’s beautiful vocals. She sings jazz and classical hits in her original arrangements.

The Symphonies in Jazz program is a show for fine judges of true art that has no distinct limits.