Oleg Butman

Jazz Meets Hip-Hop

Oleg Butman's collaboration with the Russian hip-hop artist Detsl (Kirill Tolmatskiy) is still blowing the music critics’ minds even though the famous rapper and the prominent musician have been performing together occasionally for over 7 years.

The musicians first met in a nightclub after Kirill’s performance where they plunged into a deep conversation and Kirill suggested a jam session. After playing together, the musicians took a professional interest in each other.

«Oleg is a very interesting and open personality which has a decided impact on everything he does. After our first meeting I already knew that we could learn a lot from each other», Kirill Tolmatskiy said.

Kiril listened to Oleg’s record and decided to rap on one of his original compositions, «The Mood». This idea was successful, and a couple of years later Oleg recorded this composition on his new album, «Runway» featuring the American rapper Joshua Gun.

Whenever Kirill comes to Oleg’s concerts, they perform jazz standards with hip-hop improvisations. Additionally, they do studio sessions that make a one-of-a-kind project that is popular both in nightclubs and concert venues.